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VOCO Annual Town Hall Meeting

September 27, 2008
Dunsford Community Centre

Lynne Boldt, Michael Prue
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  • Representation from Flamborough, Ridgetown, and Essex.
  • Michael Prue, currently seeking the leadership of the NDP, also returned to explain his party's position and reconfirm his personal commitment to finding "the right way".

    VOCO has always stated that they are not connected to any party so in fact, on Sat. they had invited Dalton McGuinty, Laurie Scott, and also Jim Watson the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Apparently not one of them were able to attend.

  • The Chair and the Secretary of the ONTARIO DEAMALGAMATION NETWORK were there. All the speakers came to send the same message: "we will win!"
  • Adam Found returned with his thesis and updates.
  • Prof. Andrew Sancton, Prof. Peter Tomilson and Adam Found have been working with Harrow-South Colchester, in the Essex area, to develop the report required by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to address same 3 issues that the Ministry raised after our vote. This report has now been presented to their local Council and was endorsed.
  • Two veterans spoke: both said they had fought for democracy and they certainly didn't do it alone, it took people standing and fighting together.
  • DVD of Chris Hodgson when he came to the Council, put forward the referendum motion and laid out the commitment to honour the vote of the people.
  • Quotes made by Dalton McGuinty referencing how and why democracy must be honoured
Thank you to everyone from the outside areas who drove for hours, even in the inclement weather, to attend and bring us all up to date with regards to current happenings and potential new plans.

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