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May 31, 2007: Ontario Deamalgamation Network
      With the municipal election now over six months behind us, and the Provincial election on the calendar for this October, I felt it was finally time to put my pen back to paper and try to dispell some rumours floating around out there in the County once and for all.

      Rumour had it that VOCO has ceased to exist - NOT TRUE! With the exception of one meeting that was relocated for an evening when there was a Candidates Night being held in Fenelon Falls the same evening - not a single meeting has been missed. In fact, our locations have changed to give us more accessibility for those wishing to attend. We continue to meet on the first and third Thursdays of every month ... the first Thursday at IE Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay and the third Thursday at Fenelon Falls Secondary School.

      Next rumour that seems to have grown legs of its own was that the deamalgamation movement had fizzled out - NOT TRUE! If anything the demand for demalgamation has grown! Members of VOCO have met with all three Provincial parties, they have been in constant and growing contact with the Ontario Landowners Assocation (OLA) as well as the growing numbers of the Ontario Deamalgamation Network (ODN). These groups now have chapters not just throughout Victoria County, but in fact throughout Ontario. If you doubt this, follow the election campaign leading up to this October's provincial election.

      Actually, you don't even have to wait that long - the ODN will be having their 5th Annual Conference/Planning Session early in June and VOCO is very pleased to be hosting this growing function. Representatives from across Ontario will be visiting the village of Fenelon Falls for this important pre-election gathering.

      For those of you more interested in our own backyards - there will be a TownHall meeting for the public on Saturday June 9th beginning at 7:00pm. Fenelon Falls Secondary School has been booked for the meeting and all are welcome. The "theme" for the evening is "$ Found $ Millions $ - Open your minds, Not your wallets!" The townhall format is followed so that you - the public - can have your questions asked and answered. Representatives from the ODN, the OLA, and more, will be in attendance that night for the answers you haven't gotten anywhere else.

      So... if you are STILL saying that VOCO has disappeared or that deamalgamation is behind us - all I can assure you is ... Not a chance!

Lynne Boldt
Chairperson - VOCO (Voices Of Central Ontario)
Chairperson - ODN (Ontario Deamalgamation Network)

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