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April 4, 2007: Adam Found Report

      "The Economics of Municipal Amalgamation: A Case Study of the City of Kawartha Lakes" is a research paper written by Adam Found, an economics student at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Peter Tomlinson, Ph.D. Adam is pursuing his Masters Degree at the University of Toronto.

    In this comprehensive study (113 pages, plus supporting appendices of financial tables and maps) the author details the history and economic considerations surrounding the amalgamation of Victoria County. He also compares projections made by the Day and Day Financial Report prepared for the Victoria County Restructuring Commission to Hemson's City of Kawartha Lakes Finanical Review, prepared for Municipal Affairs & Housing in October 2003.

     All the financial data cited in the report is taken from Victoria County / City of Kawartha Lakes records.

     Among his conclusions:
"A single-tier government is inappropriate for the former County's diverse and large geographical area."
"In addition to substantialy expanding municipal debt and the bureaucracy, Victoria County's forced amalgamation has not increased service efficiency, it has not lowered taxes, nor has it given the people effective representation and democratic control".
"Finally, given all the evidence considered, this paper can conclude that the most efficient municipal structure for Victoria County would be a two-tier system that utilizes efficient and flexible service migration".

Found Report (Note: 12MB download)
Copies of the report are available from VOCO ($30 to cover printing cost)

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