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October 15: Liberal Policy Convention

     We decided to drop by the Toronto Hilton on October 16 to remind the Liberals that Mr. McGuinty's lies have not been forgotten. If there were any doubts, they were dispelled by the reaction of drivers who honked and waved as they passed on the 401, Don Valley Parkway and Queen St.
... The Red Casket arrives at the Liberal policy convention (Toronto's Hilton Hotel)
October 18: Queen's Park

      As VOCO representatives watched from the Members' gallery, our petiton was presented to the Ontario Legislature by MPPs Michael Prue,Andrea Horwath, Rosario Marchese.

      Further copies were presented on Oct 20 by Michael Prue and Andrea Horwath, on Oct 24 by Michael Prue and on Oct 31 by Shelley Martel. Our thanks to Mr. Pre for welcoming us to Queen's Park, and to all of these Members for their help with the cause of local democracy.
... Delivering petitions to Queen's Park, Oct.18, 2005

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