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Red Casket at Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

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May 16, 2005:
VOCO Red Casket at Parliament Hill

The VOCO red casket symbolizes the death of democracy in Canada.
Politicians in Canada lie to get elected. They lie without shame. We cannot allow them to lie without consequences. Without consequences to prevent politicians lying to get elected, voters cannot make an informed choice. If voters cannot make an informed choice, democracy is dead.

RIP Democracy
Here LIES Mayor Barbara Kelly

Barbara Kelly, the Mayor of the City of Kawartha Lakes, was elected on a platform of de-amalgamation. In an election polarized by the referendum on de-amalgamation, she was the only mayoralty candidate to support the "Yes" side.

However, she has since voted for a resolution which would prevent Council endorsing any restructuring proposal.

More recently, Council voted to disband the committee formed to reconsider the name of the municipality: the tie vote was broken by Mayor Kelly.

From Mayor Kelly's election brochure: "I would support changing the name from the City of Kawartha Lakes to a name more fitting our historical and geographical area. Public input would be a necessity"

Obviously Mayor Kelly is not bound by her word.

Here LIES Dalton McGuinty

Of all the lies Mr. McGuinty told to get elected, three stand out for the permanent damage they may do to the democratic process in Ontario. The effect of these three lies is to remove the historical checks on government: the courts and the ballot box:
   1. To respect local democracy
   ...then rejecting the outcome of a provincially mandated vote on de-amalgamation in the City of Kawartha Lakes. McGuinty's government is not bound by the ballot box!
   2. To fund autistic services
   ...then not only refusing to do so, but appealing a court decision which would have implemented his written promise!
   3. To abide by Taxpayers Protection Act
    ...then imposing new taxes. Having violated the Taxpayer Protection Act, McGuinty has also now achieved a court precedent: it is not the role of the courts to intervene to enforce promises and pledges. Our only recourse is the ballot box (see #1).
Here LIES Paul Martin

Paul Martin campaigned on a promise to "address the democratic deficit"

In a speech to the Empire Club (April 16, 2004) he promised: "Change in terms of restoring the influence of members of Parliament through free votes and an increased role in the appointment of senior officials; change in the way government monitors and controls its expenditures; change in the way that government is accountable to Canadians.

This is what government must do. We identified a problem: the democratic deficit. And we took immediate action by implementing transformative change."

Yet, in refusing to relinquish power even after a non-confidence vote by the Parliament of Canada, Mr. Martin demonstrates his contempt for Parliamentary tradition and the Canadian Constitution.

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