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More government lies...

Gerretsen refuses to consider 2-tier restructuring proposal

(1) John Gerretsen: October 13, 2004
"If they come forward with a resolution, as I understand this particular group has brought forward to their local council just this week and which I understand is going to be discussed next week, that they want to look at some further restructuring on a two-tier basis, with three or four lower-tier municipalities and one upper-tier municipality, we will definitely take a look at it. Absolutely." STANDING COMMITTEE ON ESTIMATES, Wednesday 13 October 2004

(2) October 26, 2004:
A citizens' group, represented by Jim DeClute, presents the above-mentioned 2-tier, 8-municipality restructuring proposal to Council. Council forwards the proposal to the Minister.
CoKL Minutes Oct. 26,2005 (Note: Our City assumes we can all afford MS Word)

(3) December 15, 2004:
When questioned in the Legislature by MPP Michael Prue, Mr. Gerretsen twice denies having received the proposal.
First denial    Second denial

(4) December 16, 2004:
Mr. Gerretsen retracts his remarks, announcing that in fact the letter had arrived 3 weeks earlier, and that he had spoken to Mayor Kelly that day. Correction of record

(5) December ??, 2004:
Councillors have received a letter from Mr. Gerretsen, in which, we are told, he refuses to consider the proposal. The letter has not yet been released to the public or the press. Why has it been suppressed? Ask your Councillor. And why have local newspapers not asked that question? Ask them.

For answers, come to the January 18 Council Meeting (1:00 pm)

Jan 18: Gerretsen's letter released to the public

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