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  • The TaxPayer: Victory In Victoria"
  • Focus Ontario March 13,2004: Paul Pagnuelo
  • Laurie Scott refuses to sign petition
  • Bus Trip to Queen's Park: March 24

  • (1) The Taxpayer

          ... includes a feature article about our referendum: "Victory in Victoria", complete with pictures of the original "funeral for democracy" back in September 2000. This magazine is produced by the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation and the author is Bruce Winchester, who was a guest speaker at the "Grand Finale Rally" in Dunsford last October.

          The magazine is distributed across Canada. When the article was written we were still awaiting Mr. Gerretsen's decision. The followup, that the McGuinty government has decided not to honour the result of the referendum, can also be made known across Canada, by writing letters to the editor of The Taxpayer at

         The Taxpayer web site is While you're there, check out this year's "Teddies Awards": Provincial/Municipal Nominees:Worst Use of Props — Pizza 9-1-1:

    (2) Focus Ontario, Global TV

          Paul Pagnuelo and Dennis Noonan (Free Flamborough) discuss de-amalgamation with Graham Richardson on this week's edition of FOCUS Ontario . John Gerretsen was invited, but declined.

          Focus Ontario airs on Saturday at 6:30 pm, and is repeated Sunday at 7:00 am.

    (3) Laurie Scott, MPP

          As you may already have heard on Y92 news, Laurie Scott was invited to be the first signature on a petition asking the Liberal government to honour the result of the referendum. She refused to sign the petition.

          A brochure from Ms Scott which has been mailed throughout the riding, invites feedback on a postage-paid card...

    (4) Trip to Queen's Park

          Last but not least... Come on the bus ($5 per person), or car pool to Queen's Park on March 24th. Please let us know at to sign up for the bus, offer rides, and/or arrange for a security pass to the Legislature.

         8:00 am: bus leaves Fenelon Falls municipal parking lot (behind the old IGA)
         8:45 am: bus stops at Manvers Arena
         11:00 am: funeral procession at Queen's Park
         3:00 pm: bus leaves Queen's Park to return home

          A reminder that to enter the Visitors' Gallery at the Legislature, you may not wear identifiable slogans, buttons, etc. on your clothing, so if you wear printed T-shirts, do wear something respectable underneath!

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