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November 15, 2002
      Is it just me or is anyone else out there getting the distinct impression there are elections in the air? Well maybe it's not elections, maybe it's Olympics...either way SOMETHING is definitely in the works. Councillors are speaking out against Mayors, Mayors are speaking out against MPP's, MPP's are speaking out against Councillors AND Mayors...I just hope somebody is keeping score. It appears that politicking at it's finest has just begun...

      Unfortunately, one councillor who may be out of the game this early in the match is Councillor Teel. After attending a Townhall meeting presented by him last Wednesday night in Oakwood, it would appear to me, and perhaps some of the other 300 or so people in attendance that night that Councillor Teel may just not have what it takes to go the distance. Despite his best attempts, I do believe his decorum seriously detracted from whatever it was he was trying to tell us. His actions screamed against listening to his electorate...especially if they had the audacity to question what his actual position in the game might be.

     The only saving point for Councillor Teel is that he is not the only one of his mind set. Evidently, Councillor Luff feels if he represents his constituents he will be in "violation of his oath of office"......

      It was said that Councillor Teel will be holding another Townhall soon in the village of Woodville, however after the Oakwood response, I'm not putting my money on that one. We'll have to watch for confirmation - keep an eye on the VOCO website, www.geocities.com/vocomail as it will be posted there when the confirmation is received. If you do not have access to the internet, but still wish to be apprised of what is going on when, you can call 738-6039 or 887-4797. If you do not receive a response on your first attempt, PLEASE leave names and numbers and your inquiries will be responded to.

      It is hoped that the Remembrance Day services throughout the County were all well attended again this year. Democracy, freedom, and the benefits of them are something we must remember and continue to fight for, not just on November 11 - but on every day! Far too many paid too great a price so that we could enjoy those benefits and if we fail to protect them and preserve them we will be doing all our veterans and ourselves a terrible disservice. The torch was passed to us...we must never let it drop.

      This week's Council meeting on Nov. 12 was slated to be another humdinger. Unfortunately, deadlines for this issue do not allow me to summarize it now, but you can count on more in the next Update.

      Because of the flurry of activity happening in our County right now, the general VOCO meetings have been stepped up as well. Instead of the regular two week span, the next meeting will take place THIS Thursday (Nov.21) at the Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon, beginning at 7pm. That is one week earlier than usual, and will continue on a weekly basis as necessary. Again, watch the VOCO website or call the above numbers for current meeting schedule.

      If the citizens in Manvers thought they had a good turnout at the Manvers Arena on Oct. 10 when approx. 600 residents attended Councillor Marsh's Townhall meeting - hold on to your hats on Friday, November 22 when Councillor McGee hosts her Townhall meeting at the Fenelon Township Community Centre in Cambray. It is slated to get underway at 7:30pm, but I might suggest you get there a tad early if you wish a seat. It is my understanding there will be some interesting guest speakers in attendance that evening as well. Mark your calendars now!!! May I congratulate Councillor McGee for the Friday evening timeslot, allowing weekend residents to attend as well - and - for waiting until the end of hunting season. Good planning Councillor!

      (At last count there have been only FIVE Councillors interacting with their constituents thus far in Townhall forums - Marsh, McGregor, Villemaire, Teel and McGee, what are the others waiting for???)

      My final words this week belong to one Elinor Smith - "It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things..." See you at the next "happening".

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