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November 1, 2002
      The past few weeks have certainly been interesting. VOCO have been labelled "rats" and then received unmitigated support for their stand against those meanies at Queen's Park who keep stepping all over the good folk. Sure is difficult to decide which hat to wear on what day. Well, one thing's for sure, my yellow ribbon goes with EVERYTHING!

      Just for the record ...one more time... VOCO does NOT have members. Other than a Steering Committee, we never have and never plan to keep membership records, solicit membership fees or offer membership cards. Any person with a Voice in Central Ontario can be a VOCO supporter.

      One of the things VOCO has been a strong proponent of, even before Harry Kitchen tried to wipe us off the map, was Townhall meetings. Remember, the local meeting in your backyard where everyone was welcome to come and ask their questions, discuss their concerns and applaud local achievements? Well, with the return of this Fall season, it seems the Townhall meetings are returning as well.

      Hats off to Councillor Dave Marsh for his jam-packed Townhall on Oct.10 in Manver, to Councillor McGregor for his standing-room only Townhall on Oct. 23 in Omemee and to Councillor Villemaire for her 200+ turnout on Oct. 24 in Little Britain. These are the councillors who have demonstrated their willingness to listen to the voters and address their concerns head-on! It is my understanding that Councillor Teel will be hosting a Townhall at the Oakwood Arena on Nov. 6 (730pm)...I hope this is a trend that will continue for everyone.

      Again, if your Councillor hasn't opened the doors to you yet ... call, email, fax them and find out why? Most of all, congratulations to you, the residents, aka taxpayers, aka voters who have filled these halls!

      Oh yes ... rumour also has it that Chris Hodgson, (remember him, our MPP?) has told the local Press that he too listens to his constituents. I'm just still a little confused as to what he's hearing now that he couldn't hear for the past 2 1/2 years, but oh well, let's see what happens now that he's "thinking about us".

      The following dates should all be on your calendars circled with big YELLOW circles: Councillor Teel's Townhall meeting: Wed.Nov.6, Oakwood Arena at 7:30pm. Next regular VOCO meeting: Thur.Nov.7, Fenelon Lions Hall in the Fenelon Fairgrounds at 7 pm. And remember the "Special Events" by-law that raised all the controversy not so long ago? The third and final public meeting for that one is Sat.Nov.9, Coronation Hall in Omemee at 9:30am. Yes, that's right: 9:30am on a Saturday morning. Don't let them dissuade you. We country folk tend to be up early. Show them we want to hunt down the worms more than they do! Your attendance and input is important unless you want to hear the old line: "nobody came, so that means they like it".

      For updates on these, and all other meetings check the VOCO website at www.geocities.com/vocomail or call 738-6039 or 887-4797.

      You may also call the above to order "Restore Victoria County" bumper/mailbox stickers, and the latest fashion statement: "City of Kawartha Mistakes" t-shirts and sweatshirts. Don't forget your essential wardrobe accessory for your home and your self: yellow ribbons. See you again in two weeks, and remember "the hardest work of all is to do nothing".

VOCO Updates
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