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September 6, 2002

      They say time flies when you're having fun...well I'm not sure that I'd call what we've been doing 'fun', but time has certainly flown by none the less. As I was stuffing my kids backpacks for that first day back to school again...it occurred to me just HOW fast this summer has flown by. No, we didn't have Referendums that had to be attended to every week, and sometimes twice a week, and no, we didn't have days spent touring the County doing petition blitzes, but none the less looking back at the past few months on the calendar, there are very few empty spaces.

      The "Visioning Committee" public meetings, the "Business Incubator" public meetings, the updating and reprinting of the "Information Pamphlets", the selection, wordings and installation of the "billboards", the selection, ordering and distribution of the "bumper stickers", the updating, printing and circulation of the "postcards", the implementation and circulation of the "petition" for the Senate in relation to the riding name change, the fairs, the festivals, the general meetings, the steering committee meetings, and unfortunately, the funerals too. All of these have contributed to the passing days and weeks of the Summer of 2002.

      As Labour Day passes, are we ready to enter some "down time" as the leaves begin to flutter down with the approach of Fall? Far from it!! With the return of Fall, the cooler temperatures will rejuvenate us yet again and we will continue to circulate throughout the County at the remainder of the Fall Fairs; (Oakwood-Sep.7; Lindsay-Sep.18; Bobcaygeon-Sep.28) to mention a few.

      For those that missed the "City" council meeting on August 27, why not circle Sept. 10 on your calendars and plan to be in Lindsay at 1pm to see for yourself just how the tail wags the dog in these parts. We can tell you time after time after time, but until you see it for yourself it really is hard to believe. Last time we saw the introduction of a $97,000.00 ++ consultants report on a "Vision" no one wanted (only redeeming point here is, there will be a "Special Council" meeting to deal with this report.) When?? we're not sure, that's the Mayor's call, but I'm betting it won't happen until after most of our seasonals are safely out of earshot. I'm thinking the same will apply for the noise bylaws, the business incubator, the firehall renovations, and most other "big ticket" items. However, if you keep an eye on the VOCO webpage, (www.geocities.com/vocomail); and this newspaper we will do our utmost to keep you informed, even if you are not physically in the area at the time. Democracy includes ALL of the people, and you deserve to know as much as possible about what's happening with your money and your representation.

      If you're still in the area on Thursday evening, September 12 you might be interested in attending the Lindsay Legion to hear the proposal for this "Business Incubator" that seems to keep rearing it's ugly head, despite numerous turndowns at the Council table. Bring your questions, bring your concerns and be prepared for some pretty smooth and fancy answers.

      While Thurs. Sept. 12 SHOULD have been the next general meeting for VOCO, due to the interest expressed by many in attending the "Incubator" meeting, we have rescheduled the VOCO meeting to WEDNESDAY, Sept. 11 at the Fenelon Lions' Hall beginning at 7pm. The increased attendance, interest and support as demonstrated at each of the last several VOCO meetings may necessitate a change in venues to accommodate the increased attendance, but for this meeting at least, we will be at the Fenelon Fairgrounds in the Lions' Hall. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please feel free to bring them with you. If you can't make the meetings, you can always call 738-6039, 887-4797 or email info@voconews.com anytime.

      I'd better cut short this week, as there are printing deadlines for the paper, and VOCO has a few deadlines itself. In as much that the Labour Day weekend far exceeded our expectations as to information supplies, we too must restock before the Oakwood Fair and our next general meeting. So, if anyone ran short please accept our apologies and rest assured more pamphlets, postcards, petitions, bumper stickers, ribbons, etc. will be available by this week end.

      We are also gearing up for the return of the Provincial Legislature at Queens' Park,as well as the Senate, for their Fall Sessions...so keep watching as these endeavours gain momentum as well. It is the general consensus that some very exciting times are not far away at all. Summer may be winding down, but Fall is just beginning to shape up.

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