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August 23, 2002

      Wow, I can't believe it's been two weeks already, but then again with the amount of activity during these past two weeks, it almost feels like two months.

      First of all, let me back up to the Aug.6 Council meeting. May I acknowledge Cliff White and John Huke for finally listening to the people and reversing their area-rating votes, albeit in yet another losing cause. If nothing else, I hope the remaining Councillors will someday learn that they too, were not elected to their positions to represent themselves, it was you and I who elected them to represent us. If your Councillor is not representing you, please continue to remind them - perhaps they're just a little slow at learning the rules of Democracy???

      While there certainly were scores of attendees observing that Council Mtg., for those who couldn't attend, let me remind you of the Councillors who don't think you should pay for what you receive and voted against area rating: Lloyd Ashmore, Sandra Barrett, Sandra Jack, Andy Luff, Pat O'Reilly, Sal Polito, Howard Robinson, Wayne Teel, Pat Warren, and oh yes, the Mayor.

      For the many who may not have been able to attend that day to observe your Councillor and hear the arguments, lame or otherwise that drove them to represent you in this manner, you might just want to try again on Aug. 26 when Council reconvenes from it's well-deserved (?) summer vacation in their renovated Council chambers. Come and see the renovations that you paid for, and see if you can renovate your Councillor at the same time. It is expected that the issues of noise by-laws (do you own a gun or a radio-it might be interesting...) as well as the culmination of $97,000+ worth of consulting fees paid to the professionals to produce the COKL "Vision" will be just a couple of items on the Agenda that day. Again, the meeting will begin at 1:00pm.

      As for VOCO, the wonderful response of volunteers and supporters alike who stopped by at the Fenelon Fair on Aug.10, followed by the wonderful turnout at the General Meeting in Fenelon on Aug. 15 was amazing. The number of new faces attending these functions is nothing short of tremendous. Your interest and your support are why VOCO is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

     Slowing down? Not a chance! The people of Victoria County are the wind in the VOCO sails, and I feel hurricane force winds beginning to blow. And speaking of support...to those who donated articles and/or time to the fund-raising Yard Sale on Sat.Aug.17 - you blew me away. There was hardly a minute from 7am until well after 4pm that day that lacked response. All funds generated that day will go a long way in assisting with the incidental expenses accrued by VOCO in the ongoing support of representative and accountable government.

      To all of you who stopped, shopped or dropped by - THANK YOU!!!

      Next up for VOCO are the Highland Games, coming to the Fenelon Fairgrounds this Saturday (Aug.24). Drop by to say hello, and pick up one of our (updated) Info Pamphlets, get your Bumper Stickers and Yellow Ribbons, add your signature to the Senate Petition (to retain our Victoria County riding name), or include your Postcard (for delivery to Chris Hodgson).

      All the activities of VOCO (past to present and future) can be reviewed on our website at www.geocities.com/vocomail or you are welcome to call 738-6039 or 887-4797 at any time.

      Of course if you'd prefer to put faces to the Voices, everyone is welcome to attend the General Meetings. The next general meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 29 in Bobcaygeon, at the Full Cup Cafe (next door to the Promoter) beginning at 7pm. Please stop by, we'd love to meet you.

      Finally, for this week, summer may be winding down, but not so the VOCO volunteers. If you are out and about you will see VOCO at the following upcoming events in the County...the Kinmount Fair (Aug.31), the Kirkfield Festival (Aug.31), the Fenelon Art Show (Aug.31), the Oakwood Fair (Sept.7), the Lindsay Fair (Sept.18) and the Bobcaygeon Fair (Sept.28). In addition, VOCO is currently putting the plans together for more TownHall meetings throughout the County. If you'd like one in your neighbourhood, give us a call, send us an email (info@voconews.com) or speak to us in person at ANY of the above activities.

      I hope your summer continues to be filled with sunshine, smiles and safety, and remember "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, they already have." [Margaret Mead].

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