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August 9, 2002

While it may have been awhile in the making, the results of VOCO's billboard efforts are already being realized. The phone calls and emails are proof!!! Thank you again, to those volunteers whose efforts provided us with this excellent communication endeavour. My understanding is there is at least one, and possibly two more "in the works" as I write this. We'll keep you posted as they appear!

      As for the introduction of Bill C-441 to the Federal Parliament asking that our riding be renamed - it has come to our attention via another paper that our MP John O'Reilly apparently hired a private firm to poll 90 riding residents on their opinion of the 'Kawartha' name. The article states that MOST of the ninety people supported the new name. Well, when VOCO set out with a new petition in hand, to demonstrate to the Senate that to change our name from Victoria to Kawartha Lakes is NOT the preference of the majority of residents, in less than three hours we had over 240 names AGAINST the name change WITHOUT a door-to-door campaign. I hesitate to even guess what our numbers will be by the time we must submit this petition to the Senate. We are exploring connections with a couple of Senators that will table the petition for us, and in the meantime we will continue to have this petition available for anyone wishing to add their signatures. If you'd like to sign it, and need to find a copy, please check the VOCO website at www.geocities.com/vocomail for the Calendar of Events that VOCO will be participating in over the next few weeks. You can also call (705)887-4797 or (705)738-6039 and we'll make sure you are directed to a copy. By the way, if you were wondering what our local MPP, aka Chris Hodgson felt about the name change, it was reported that his major concern with the new Riding name was that Haliburton must continue to be listed first.....

      To the Volunteers that attended the Fenelon Lions' Car and Truck Show as well as Bobcaygeon's Midnight Madness may I extend my appreciation to you. I understand the next items on the agenda include: the Fenelon Falls Fair on Sat. Aug. 10, the Highland Games at the Fenelon Fair Grounds on Sat. Aug. 17, and the Kinmount Fair, the Kirkfield Festival and Fenelon Art Show all on the Labour Day weekend. If you'd like to donate any amount of time for any of these events, give us a call, or send us an email at info@voconews.com Many hands make light work.

      Speaking of work......if you are working in the garage, shed, basement, attic, etc., in the next couple of weeks and come across any gently-used, saleable items that you'd like to donate ... our Yard Trunk Sale is taking place on Sat. Aug. 17 at 4781 Hwy.35 (1/2 way between Peace Valley and Powles Corners) in Fenelon Twnshp. and you're most welcome to drop articles off there at any time, or call 738-6039, 887-4797 or 359-1094 and we'd be happy to pick them up. If you'd like to sell your own items from the trunk of your car, you can book your "Trunk Spot" for just $5.

     Our other Fund Raising effort, the 'RESTORE VICTORIA COUNTY' bumper stickers is going great guns!!!! The bumper stickers, are removable vinyl stickers and I personally have not only seen them on cars, but also mailboxes, strollers, windows and even mobility scooters. Get yours at any of the VOCO meetings or events you see us at. They are only a twoonie and worth much, much more. Combine a bumper sticker with your yellow ribbon and have your voice heard in the fight for not only Victoria County, but in the bigger realm of things -- Democracy!!! While our fathers and grandfathers paid a much higher price, let us use our symbols and voices freely to support the results they fought with their lives to give us.

      The next general VOCO meeting will be held at the Fenelon Lions' Hall in the Fenelon Fair Grounds on Thursday, August 15 beginning at 7:00pm. It was wonderful to see so many new faces at our last couple of meetings, let's keep it up! Everyone is always welcome, bring your ideas, comments, questions and suggestions.

      Summertime in Victoria County - live it, love it, enjoy it ... retain it!!!

Reprinted with permission from The Promoter

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