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July 26, 2002

      So these are the lazy, hazy days of summer ??? I must be missing something then because I sure don't think so! In fact VOCO members and supporters are finding these days anything BUT lazy.

      Sadly, I must begin the column this week with sincere condolences to Jette, and the family and friends of Dr. John Shone who passed away in Bobcaygeon since our last Update column. While our acquaintance with Dr. Shone may have been far too brief, his ideals and principles touched us all and will not soon be forgotten.

      Just like the farmer "out standing in his field" so too is our new billboard. After much hard work by some dedicated volunteers this newest display in now gracing the scenery of Victoria County visible from Hwy.36 just north of Lindsay. For those travelling more southerly in the County, (Hwy. 115 towards Ptbo.) you will notice another sign built and erected in support of VOCO and their efforts. Excellent job people - and many thanks! If a picture is worth a thousand words, surely a Billboard is worth thousands more!!

      Is that it? Is that all VOCO is doing? ummm...the answer is a simple, but resounding..."NO". As you travel throughout the County this summer you will see VOCO at: Lindsay Riverfest on Sat. July 27, The Fenelon Lions' Car & Truck Show on Sat. Aug.3, Bobcaygeon Midnight Madness also on Sat. Aug. 3, The Fenelon Fair on Sat. Aug. 11, the Carden Fair on Sat. Aug. 17, The Fenelon Highland Games on Sat. Aug. 24, in Kirkfield at the Festival on Sat. Aug. 31 and on the same day up in Kinmount at the Fair. They will be in Oakwood for the Fair on Sat. Sep. 7, and back to Lindsay for the Exhibition Sep. 18-21, as well as the Bobcaygeon Fair on Sat. Sep. 28.

      This is just a brief summary, and I'm sure I may have missed a couple, but let me assure you, there will not be many activities taking place this summer, where you will NOT see VOCO. Keep watching for additional details and events as they get closer. Wherever you see us, feel free to stop by and have a chat, sign a postcard to our MPP, pick up a bumper sticker for your car, mailbox, window, etc., ask questions or best yet, get involved!

      And to those people who are still upset with the loss of our historical heritage and roots with the removal of our Victoria name, VOCO has learned that our MP, Mr. John O'Reilly has also turned against us now by way of his private members' bill he slipped into the House of Commons trying to rename our electorial district to Haliburton-KAWARTHA-Brock. A petition against this bill is also in circulation now and will be available for signatures at the above events as well. Our pens MUST speak as loudly as theirs if you truly care. VOCO has been vigilant in its monitoring of activities affecting us and our County...your support is mandatory if you want us to continue.

      VOCO doesn't often ask for funding - we are taxpayers too that feel the "City" does more than its share of that. However, on occasion, donations to offset printing, postage, and other incidental costs are greatly appreciated. On Sat. Aug. 17 we will be hosting a YARD & TRUNK SALE at 4781 Hwy.35 (beginning at 9:00am) to generate a couple of extra dollars for these costs. If you'd like to donate items for the Yard Sale, book your car for the Trunk Sale ($5./car) or stop by and find "just the thing" you've been looking for -- please mark your calendars now! Gently used, saleable articles can be dropped off at that address any time, or you can call 738-6039, 359-1094, 887-4797 to book your vehicle or have items picked up. You might even want to drop us an email which you can access from our website at www.geocities.com/vocomail (If you know of an upcoming event you think VOCO could/should attend, please let us know that as well.)

      And lastly for this week, please note the change of the next VOCO meeting. It will take place on WEDNESDAY July 31 at the Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon (next to the Promoter) at 7:00pm. The doors are ALWAYS open, please feel free to join us. The days may be hazy, but rest assured far, far, from lazy! Summer residents, seasonals, fulltime residents, and yes, even politicians are always welcome. Bring your comments, concerns, questions and suggestions. Summertime in Victoria County - live it, love it, enjoy it ... retain it !!!

Reprinted with permission from The Promoter

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