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March 21, 2002

Listen carefully and you will hear them... No....not the robins, or the geese, but the voices. The robins and geese will be hard pressed to be heard above the sounds of VOCO. As the birds come home and begin rebuilding their nests, so too are the voices of central Ontario working busily on rebuilding their nest. Over the next few weeks you will be hearing more and more about the Springtime endeavours VOCO will be embarking upon, but I will try now to give you a very quick overview of just a few of them.

Today (March 21st) beginning at 9am and continuing throughout the day, citizens throughout the County will be reminding Mr. Hodgson that we are still his constituents and we are still awaiting his action as our MPP and Minister of Municipal Affairs. Through phone calls, faxes and emails he will be reminded that we elected him to represent us and work for us - all of us. His constituency office phone in Lindsay (324-6654) or (1-800-424-2490), his constituency fax in Lindsay (324-6938) as well as his phone in Toronto (416-585-7000) and Toronto fax (416-585-6470) and, of course, his email chris_hodgson@ontla.ola.org will all be very busy that day. Let's just hope he gets the messages.

All citizens throughout the County are asked to mark Saturday, April 27 on your calendars. This will be the day that people from across Ontario and beyond will be gathering at the Lakeview Banquet Hall to hear presentations from special Guest Speakers and to exchange ideas, comments and issues at VOCO's largest "Townhall" to date. This Townhall however will be delivered to the public in the form of an AMALGAMATION AWARENESS CONFERENCE. It is anticipated that this day will see the 'amalgamation' of countless concerns from people throughout the province, as well as some from as far away as Quebec. Everyone welcome! Keep watching for developing details as the date draws closer.

It is also anticipated that the Referendum Committee will soon have the plans for the referendum results being delivered to Queen's Park finalized. You will be informed of this procedure as soon as these plans are confirmed.

As always, the VOCO website, www.voconews.com continues to be updated regularly. Add your comments to the readers' Forum, get on the mailing list, or simply peruse the sight for all updates, coming events and relevant information.

The Communications Committee has a brand new "postcard" campaign that it will soon be introducing and they will also be keeping you informed of upcoming events via regular Press Releases. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest announcements.

And finally for today, the next General Meeting for VOCO will be held on Thursday, March 28 at The Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon, beginning at 7:30pm. The doors are always open to anyone that wishes to attend. Bring your spouse, friend or neighbour and drop in.

Until next time, remember... yellow ribbons, like yellow daffodils, look lovely in the Spring sunshine. Tie one on!

Reprinted with permission from The Promoter

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