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March 8, 2002

Let me begin our column this week with heartfelt GET WELL WISHES to a few of our fellow "voices": Bill Mills, Corky and of course, RoseAnne...please accept our wishes for full and speedy recoveries! We are trying to hold down the fort without you, but your absence is felt and your presence is missed by us all.

In response to those who are asking "What's going on these days?" I will attempt to quickly give you a "Readers Digest" condensed version.

Our cyber links continue burning up these days as we receive inquiries and connections from Montreal, Westmount, Barrie, Innisfil, Essa, West Bay, Greenbelt, Dundas, Essex, Blue Water, Walkerton, and of course, Toronto. In order to try to coordinate so many inquiries VOCO is now planning and preparing for a full-scale "Amalgamation Awareness" conference/seminar later this Spring. (Note to CoKL councillors: spend some of your $5,000. conference budget here at home!) An endeavour such as this requires extensive planning and preparation so a special "Conference Committee" has been established as a VOCO sub-committee and they are hard at work as you read this.

Another sub-committee launched recently is an "Election Preparedness" committee who is also working diligently towards future election calls in our County.

Our contacts at Queen's Park continue advising us as necessary on various platforms, policies and procedures. VOCO is anxiously awaiting the return of Parliament in the near future, preparing now for the Referendum presentation. Many of the Conservative leadership hopefuls have been in our area recently and VOCO reps have been following their attendance, keeping in touch with each of them as they arrived in the County. (If the gov't. won't come to us, we go to them.)

Still other VOCO representatives have been touring the county lately in an attempt to envision just what it is the $97,000.00+ consultants want us to "vision" our future to be. Unfortunately at the time of this writing, I think we are all in need of new "city" glasses---we still can't see it.

Calls relating to snow removal, potholes, garbage and even water meters continue to find their way to VOCO people. Can someone please ask the elected councillors to return/answer calls to their constituents?

Our regular, public VOCO meetings also continue with the next one scheduled for THIS Thursday (March 7) at the Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon beginning at 7:30pm. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you're just curious - why not drop by? All meetings are open to everyone. For more information you may also check out our website at www.geocities.com/vocomail For those without internet you may call 738-6039 or 887-4797.

Until the next update...keep carrying those small stones, the mountain is moving.

Reprinted with permission from The Promoter

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