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Well, with the assistance of numerous members of the public who made their way to "City Hall" despite the snowy conditions, the CoKL Council was presented with the final results of last summers' Citizens' Referendum on Tuesday, January 15.

     Council was reminded that despite public 'disclaimer' notices from the "city" and minimalmedia relations, the Referendum was completed without using taxpayer monies and was accomplished with 100% volunteer support. With no mail-in ballots, advance polls or proxy voting, 6,209 people throughout Victoria County made their way to a polling station and cast their secret ballot. Of these 6,209 people 5,993 voted YES to de-amalgamation. 201 people registered their NO votes and 15 ballots were spoiled.

     Council was informed that the ballots, kept under lock and key will, at some point in the future, likely be donated to a local museum as part of the history of Victoria County - but in the meantime the VOCO executive also realize that this local Council will not likely pay the results much heed - therefore making another presentation to the Provincial Government will also need to take place. Plans are in the works for the proper format of this presentation as a Referendum obviously would not take the same initiative as a Petition. However, while the Legislature remains on "Leadership Convention" sabattical, this presentation can not occur until such time as the House reconvenes. Watch for details in future updates.

     In the meantime, VOCO has no time to rest as the calls, emails, faxes, etc. continue to arrive regularly from throughout Ontario, into Quebec and now Nova Scotia. Have we started to accept that this is going to get better with time??? -- ummmmm, sorry but we're still waiting to see some proof - from anyone!

     With the Provincial leadership convention just over a month away, the only committment received to date, has come from the Opposition parties. It still remains unclear as to whether and of the leadership contenders are going to listen to the citizens in Victoria County ... keep your ears to the ground and eyes on this column for information as it is received. We are continually striving for the VOCO (Voices of Central Ontario) to not only be heard, but responded to.

     Members of VOCO have also been receiving calls with regards to garbage, snow removal, and other issues in our "city" and we are all wondering what happened to the elected representatives that should be fielding these calls???

     The next regular meeting for VOCO will take place on Thursday, January 31st at the Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon, beginning at 7:30pm. These meetings are open to anyone and everyone is always invited to drop by. If you'd like to find out more about VOCO or what's going on, please attend the meeting, visit the VOCO website at The Promoter

VOCO Updates
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