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by Lynne Boldt

     As the saying goes "Never an old year passes, never a new one begins without someone thinking of someone-old places, old times, and old friends." Well, VOCO continues to think of our old friend, Victoria County...and would like to wish all our friends in Victoria County a very Happy New Year.

While the Holiday season tends to push many things onto the back burner, let me assure you the heat under VOCO's burner was never turned off! Many, many things have been happening since the Cyril Mulrey dinner auction on Nov. 3rd.

Most recently, for those that may have missed them, the Toronto Press have published articles in both the Globe & Mail (Dec.28) by Urban Affairs reporter, Jennifer Lewington and the Toronto Star (Jan. 3) by Roberta Avery.

Since the requested visit to Walkerton, VOCO has also been contacted by others in such areas as Blue Water, Innisfil, Kingston, Toronto and even Westmount and Montreal. Many exciting connections are being established and while I say exciting, I must also say depressing - because if there is this much interest in VOCO it is only happening because the overall consensus continues to be that the people living in these amalgamated areas are all at various stages of ANTIamalgamationism. The fairy tale endings to 'bigger is better' does seem to be proving to be more and more mythical, and the real truth is, not many people are living 'happily ever after'.

When you combine these calls with the upcoming Leadership Convention for the Government it is easy to see that there is every indication that VOCO will be busier than ever in the coming days. On the immediate agenda are the first regular meeting this Thursday (Jan.10) at the Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon at 7:30pm and open to anyone, followed next week with our first visit of the new year to Council to present the official Referendum results on Tues. Jan. 15, at 4:00pm.

There are Cable TV programs booked for the end of January, Press Releases are being prepared, the petition is still being signed and don't forget to keep those yellow ribbons flying... they continue to be seen on aerials, mailboxes, trees, lapels, and front doors. The yellow ribbon vigil will continue until the Government returns to listening to the people they were elected to represent.

Please continue to watch this column for the details of these and other ongoing events as they occur.

With so much happening you may have still have some questions or even better, you may want to get involved and lend a hand, if so please call 887-4797, 738-6039 or go to for more information. As always - 'If every man carries small stones...a mountain can be moved!'

Reprinted with permission from The Promoter

VOCO Updates
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