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    Red casket T-shirts: "R.I.P Democracy"

    White cotton, plain front, logo on back
    Out of stock... but you can print your own
    using these iron-on transfers. See instructions below.
  • large "red casket" logo
  • small "red casket" logos (eg. front pocket)
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  • Restore Victoria County bumper stickers

    Available at VOCO meetings
    Here LIES McGuinty Buttons ...
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    print your own:
    "City of Kawartha Mistakes" T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
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    Vultures, vultures everywhere
    Iron-on Transfers
  • Print logo onto iron-on transfer paper (available at stationary stores) using an ink-jet printer (note that transfer paper cannot be used in laser printers) Follow the directions included with the paper:
  • Preheat your iron using the highest dry seting (usually cotton or linen) for 8 to 10 minutes. Do not use steam.
  • For smaller transfers, do not use an ironing board (use a hard flat surface, eg. ceramic tile)
  • Place the garment on top of a pillowcase, making sure the garment lies flat and is free of wrinkles
  • Position the transfer as desired on top of the garment with the printed design face-down
  • Slowly move the iron across the transfer for 5 seconds.
  • Wiggle the iron over the image, moving constantly for 45 seconds, using heavy pressure
  • Wait one minute, then peel
    Washing instructions
    The garment should be washed inside-out and separately for the first few washings, until any trace of normal colour-bleeding ceases. Garments may then be washed with like colours. Use cold water and colour-safe detergent. Do not use bleach.

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