Red Casket Relay

(... or "How I spent my summer vacation")

Taking the "Democracy, McGuinty Style" red casket on the road across Ontario.

Summer 2005:
The Red Casket "North County Tour"

May 27, 2005:
Peterborough: Jeff Leal MPP (Lib.)

May 16, 2005:
Ottawa: Parliament Buildings

March 16, 2005:
Ottawa: Dalton McGuinty

January 21 - Feb. 18, 2005
Rural Revolution 401 blockades

VOCO Red Casket leads the tractor convoy onto the 401

September 10
Leg 6: Windsor, East Windsor,
Wallaceburg, Essex, Chatham

The R.O.C.K Crew
Bruce Crozier, Essex
Met with Mr. Crozier face-to-face. He stated openly and forcefully at the outset that he would NOT be responding to our request for his position on the issue.
Pat Hoy, Chatham
Met by Mike Ferguson of Hoy Staff. Mr.Hoy had left a letter to be delivered to us.
Sandra Pupatello, Windsor
We met with Lynn Shepley, who committed to presenting our issues to Ms Pupatello.
Maria Van Bommel, Wallaceburg
Despite a 4-day advance notice of our arrival at her Wallaceburg office, no response from Mrs. Van Bommel to indicate that her Wallaceburg office would be closed.

Dwight Duncan, East Windsor
We met with Bev Hill of Duncan Staff. She listened attentively, was truly shocked at some statements of financial problems (e.g., Harry Revellís 270,000 increase in assessment of 250-acre farm) and committed to presenting our issues to her boss.

September 8: Guelph: ROCK (Responsible Organization of Chatham-Kent) takes the casket for the next leg of the relay
George Smith (ROCK) accepts the casket from John Panter (VOCO) Passers-by ask to have their picture taken with the casket
off to Chatham-Kent

August 27: Toronto: Michael Prue welcomes the relay with his home-made banana bread

August 27: Toronto: Michael Colle: "Sorry, we're closed"
The sign said "Open", but no-one answered. Minutes later, staff changed the sign.

August 25: Kingston John Gerretsen, Minister of Municipal Affairs

August 25: Belleville, Ontario Ernie Parsons MPP

August 10, 2004: York North, Vaughn-King-Aurora,
Oak Ridges, Thornhill, Willowdale and Markham
Julia Munro: MPP York North
Greg Sorbara's office
Greg Sorbara: MPP Vaughn-King-Aurora Frank Klees: MPP Oak Ridges
Mario Racco's office
Mario Racco: MPP Thornhill David Zimmer: MPP Willowdale
Tony Wong: MPP Markham

August 3, 2004: Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering
Washing the "hearse" in Fenelon Falls
John O'Toole, MPP Durham
Oshawa: MPP Jerry Ouellette
Whitby: MPP Jim Flaherty
Jim Flaherty: No left turn

MPP Wayne Arthurs' office, Pickering

July 26, 2004: Lindsay
Laurie Scott, MPP, Haliburton-Victoria-Brock
While passing drivers honk their horns... Leaving a message for Ms Scott

Laurie Scott: MPP Haliburton- Victoria-Brock
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